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How I Work

Two Decades in SEO Have Taught Me a Thing or Two About What Works – And What Doesn’t

When you’ve been in the SEO game as long as I have you develop a knack for getting businesses noticed online.

I’ve led countless campaigns to success, which has enabled me to craft a flexible yet reliable blueprint that serves as the foundation for each project.

The strategy is tailor-made, built on proven methods that are customised to fit your unique business needs. So let’s get started—your journey to better rankings and increased visibility begins here.

Matt SEO Consultancy

Your Journey to SEO Success: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wondering how I’ll transform your online presence? It starts with a simple conversation and unfolds into a transparent, tailor-made SEO strategy designed for long-term growth. Here’s how my collaborative process works, from that initial call to monthly check-ins that keep your business climbing the search rankings.

The Discovery Call

Our journey starts with a one-on-one discovery call. No sales pitches or tech jargon; just a straightforward conversation to understand your business goals and what you’re hoping to achieve with SEO.

The Initial Proposal

After our call, I’ll craft a detailed proposal tailored to your specific needs. It’s a rough draft, so feel free to raise any questions or concerns. We’ll hop on another call if needed to iron out the details.

The Green Light

Once you’re happy with the proposal, it’s signing time. An initial payment sets everything in motion. Don’t worry, this is a recurring monthly payment with no long-term contract—you’re free to opt out whenever you like. (But trust me, you won’t want to.)

Onboarding Made Easy

You’ll receive access to a user-friendly portal where you’ll answer some questions about your business goals. It’s a straightforward process designed to give me all the insight I need to get started.

The SEO Audit

The first month is all about laying the groundwork. I roll up my sleeves to conduct a comprehensive, manual SEO audit, serving as the cornerstone of your customised strategy. Using data from Google Search Console, I examine your site’s technical architecture, evaluate the quality and SEO-readiness of your content, scrutinise your backlink profile, and dig deep into the search queries and pages that drive your web traffic. This all-encompassing audit sets a performance baseline, guiding every SEO decision we make from that point forward.

This thorough audit is not a one-off task; it’s the bedrock of our ongoing strategy, informing every decision we make moving forward. It’s so integral, in fact, that I often offer this as a stand-alone service starting at £899. But when you partner with me for a comprehensive SEO project, it’s included as standard.

Strategy & Roadmap

Month two is when the rubber meets the road. Based on the audit findings, I’ll create a 12-month roadmap to success, complete with quarterly milestones and a monthly task breakdown. You’ll have complete access to track these tasks through our software, adding another layer of transparency to the process.

Data-Driven Decisions

From the third month onward, the data starts rolling in. We’ll use these insights to refine your SEO strategy, making adjustments wherever needed. Monthly meetings keep you in the loop and give us a chance to reassess and align our efforts for the upcoming month.

Real-Time Reporting: Your Personal Dashboard

Throughout this journey, you’ll have access to a customised reporting dashboard, featuring real-time data. No complicated metrics you can’t understand—just clear, actionable insights.

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