SEO Case Studies

Welcome to a world of digital triumphs, where great brands achieve even greater heights through my data-backed SEO strategies.

Disney Animal World Logo

Disney Animal World

SEO Campaign:
127% Subscriber Growth in 3 Months

Disney Animal World aimed to be a standout in the crowded children’s magazine sector. My data-driven SEO strategy increased their online visibility and subscriptions, turning them into a go-to resource for both Disney and animal enthusiasts.

Marvel Figurine Collection Logo

Marvel Factfiles

SEO Campaign:
163% Subscriber Growth in 4 Months

Marvel Factfiles needed to distinguish itself in a competitive fandom magazine market. I deployed a targeted SEO strategy that elevated their online profile, capturing the core Marvel audience and boosting subscriptions.

James Gilbert & Son Logo

James Gilbert & Sons

SEO Campaign:
91% Organic Increase in 6 Months

James Gilbert and Sons struggled with their online visibility for both architectural metalworks and their online shop. My comprehensive SEO strategy boosted their search rankings and bridged their dual business focus, increasing both project enquiries and online sales.

Blackbird London Logo

Blackbird Jewellery

SEO Campaign:
163% Subscriber Growth in 4 Months

Blackbird Jewellery was lost in a crowded luxury retail market. My SEO strategy, tailored for the luxury segment, catapulted their online presence and drove targeted traffic to their handmade pieces.

My Plumber Logo

My Plumber

SEO Campaign:
479% Organic Increase in 24 Months

My Plumber was struggling to gain online visibility in a highly competitive London plumbing and heating market. I implemented an SEO strategy specifically aimed at capturing top-ranking positions for key search terms. The result was a dramatic improvement in their online visibility and a significant increase in service bookings.

Soak Bathrooms Logo

Soak Bathrooms

SEO Campaign:
203% Organic Increase in 12 Months

Soak Bathrooms sought to increase their local market share in crowded London. I provided a tailored SEO approach that resulted in a significant influx of local inquiries and subsequent sales.

Save Money Diving Logo

Save Money Diving

SEO & PPC Campaign:
157% Organic Increase in 12 Months

Save Money Diving wanted to optimize their online reach without a hefty investment. I delivered a cost-effective SEO strategy that substantially boosted their search rankings and holiday bookings.

Rec-2-Tec Logo

Rec 2 Tec

SEO & PPC Campaign:
353% Student Growth in 4 Months

Rec 2 Tec was struggling to stand out in a saturated scuba training market. I stepped in with a targeted SEO strategy that supercharged their online visibility and led to a surge in course sign-ups.

Top Liveaboards Logo

Top Liveaboards

SEO & PPC Campaign:
993% Organic Increase in 24 Months

Top Liveaboards faced the challenge of carving a niche in the specialized travel industry. I implemented an SEO plan that turned them into a go-to name for liveaboard scuba diving holidays.

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