Aligning Business Goals with Digital Transformation for Eaglemoss Publications

Eaglemoss Publications is a leading player in the publishing sector. While their publications had a dedicated following, the company wanted to revitalise their online presence and subscription numbers. The project required close collaboration with Eaglemoss’s internal teams to align the digital strategies with broader business objectives.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge Eaglemoss Publications faced was a low conversion rate for online orders and subscriptions, despite a decent amount of website traffic. Additionally, the company was grappling with poor search engine rankings, which hindered its visibility among potential new customers.

The company was also finding it difficult to grow its subscriber base at a rate that met its business objectives. Despite having a range of quality publications, subscriber growth had plateaued, raising concerns about long-term sustainability.

Eaglemoss Publications Logo
Eaglemoss Publications Logo

The Strategy:

Internal Team Collaboration

Before diving into any external strategies, alignment with Eaglemoss’s internal teams was crucial. I organized regular meetings and workshops to ensure our digital overhaul was in sync with the company’s larger business goals and objectives. This included alignment on key performance indicators (KPIs), mutual sharing of data, and ensuring that the marketing, sales, and IT departments were all on the same page.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We didn’t just tweak the website on a whim. Instead, we used data analytics tools to understand user behavior. A/B tests were run on different elements like page layout, call-to-action buttons, and even text content. Each change was evaluated over a two-week period to measure its impact on conversion rates. The data-driven approach eliminated guesswork and allowed us to make changes that had a proven positive impact on user engagement.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Rather than running continuous, generic PPC ads, we took a more strategic approach. We identified key periods where potential customers were most active—often aligning with special promotions or events—and launched our PPC campaigns then. This optimized our ad spend, ensuring we got the most “bang for our buck” and saw immediate uplifts in traffic during crucial periods.

Social Media Outreach

We didn’t just post regularly on social media; we used content from Eaglemoss’s vast library to create targeted, engaging posts. By using a mix of curated and original content, we were able to encourage interactions, sharing, and discussions among followers. Special campaigns were designed to coincide with the release of new partworks, holidays, or other significant events, each tailored to the specific platform for maximum engagement.

Email Marketing

The email list was broken down into several segments, such as ‘New Subscribers,’ ‘Lapsed Customers,’ and ‘Frequent Buyers.’ Each group received tailored content designed to either introduce them to the product offerings, bring them back to the website, or encourage additional purchases. Automated workflows were set up to re-engage users who had abandoned their shopping carts, offering them an incentive to complete their purchase.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We carried out a thorough keyword research exercise, identifying both short-tail and long-tail opportunities. On-page optimisations were made, including meta descriptions, header tags, and image alt texts. Off-page strategies included backlink outreach to reputable industry-related websites. We also developed a monthly content calendar for blogs, focused on topics that would not only interest the readers but also improve our keyword rankings over time.

James Gilbert and Son Content Writing
Content Writing

Client Feedback

We’ve seen a remarkable uptick in online orders and a significant boost in our subscriber base since implementing these new strategies. What impressed us the most was the sustainable growth approach, tailored perfectly to our specific challenges. This wasn’t just a short-term win for us; we’re now better positioned for long-term success. Working with this team has been a pivotal experience for Eaglemoss Publications.


Emma – Digital Marketing Manager
Eaglemoss Publications

The Results:

By focusing on a tailored, comprehensive strategy, and working closely with the client’s web developer for seamless implementation, we not only met but exceeded the challenges we set out to overcome.

  • 30% boost in online orders within the first quarter
  • 25% growth in the subscriber base over six months
  • Significant improvement in keyword rankings, with 15 targeted keywords now on the first page of search results

30% Boost in Online Orders

Not only did we see a 30% increase in online orders within the first quarter, but the average order value also increased by 12%. This suggests that customers weren’t just making impulse purchases; they were genuinely interested in the product offerings, ultimately contributing to higher revenue.

25% Growth in Subscriber Base

Within a six-month period, we managed to grow the subscriber base by 25%, surpassing initial targets. Importantly, the retention rate among these new subscribers was over 80%, indicating strong customer satisfaction and loyalty. This growth has created a reliable, recurring revenue stream for Eaglemoss Publications.

Improvement in Keyword Rankings

Our SEO efforts led to 15 targeted keywords appearing on the first page of search results. This wasn’t a one-time spike but rather a sustained improvement over a period of three months. As a result, organic traffic to the website increased by 20%, providing a larger pool of potential customers to convert into buyers and subscribers.


Following the completion of our work together, Eaglemoss Publications has successfully maintained and even built upon the gains achieved. The strategies implemented during the project have become integral parts of their ongoing marketing and sales approaches. They have continued to see steady growth in both online orders and their subscriber base, with the latter growing at a healthy rate of about 5% per quarter.