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The Remarkable Digital Transformation of My Plumber

The story of My Plumber isn’t just a business success story—it’s a testament to the transformative power of strategic SEO and digital marketing. Over a period of 4-5 years, I collaborated with them to evolve from a small, four-person operation into a multi-million-pound business giant. This success was so profound that it led to their acquisition by Fantastic Services, one of London’s largest home service providers.

My Plumber Logo

The Initial Challenge: A Web of Issues

When My Plumber first approached me, they were struggling with an outdated website and low online visibility. The work diary was far from full, and in a crowded market, they needed an edge. Recognising the power of SEO but unsure how to implement it effectively, Angie, the company’s owner, reached out to me for specialised help.

My Plumber Vans
My Plumber

The Strategy: A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

Website Migration

We kicked off our partnership by migrating their old ASP.NET website to a fresh, streamlined WordPress CMS platform. This switch provided the flexibility and scalability needed for their exponential growth.

As part of the overhaul, I also transitioned them from a shared server environment to dedicated hosting. This not only improved site speed but also provided a more secure and reliable platform, crucial for both user experience and SEO.

My Plumber Original Website
My Plumber’s Original Website

Aesthetic Overhaul

Next, we took their brand color from red to blue, matching the livery of their fleet of vans. This wasn’t just a cosmetic change; it was about establishing a cohesive brand identity that resonated across all customer touchpoints.

I developed a completely bespoke WordPress theme, intentionally using minimal plugins to ensure fast load times. This was a major shift toward enhancing the user experience and improving SEO. Unlike their old, non-responsive site, this new setup provided a seamless experience across all devices, further contributing to SEO performance.

My Plumber Website Re-Design
My Plumber Website Redesign

SEO: The Backbone of Our Strategy

I conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify which terms and phrases would be most profitable. Armed with these insights, I optimised every aspect of the website—from navigation and site architecture to meta tags and descriptions.

Call Tracking and User Analytics

By implementing advanced call tracking and robust analytics, we turned data into actionable insights. Every user interaction was tracked and analysed, enabling us to continually optimise for better performance.

Response Tap Call Tracking
Call Tracking Dashboard
My Plumber Heatmap
My Plumber Heatmap
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Traffic

Reputation Management: Safeguarding Brand Image

Understanding that public perception can make or break a business, I initiated a comprehensive reputation management strategy. I monitored online reviews, engaged with customer feedback, and promoted positive testimonials. This not only boosted customer trust but also contributed to enhancing organic search engine rankings.

My Plumber Trustpilot Review
My Plumber Trustpilot Testimonial

PPC and A/B Testing: Perfecting the Conversion Funnel

In addition to SEO, I launched targeted PPC campaigns aimed at immediate ROI. I relentlessly tested ad copies, landing pages, and CTAs through A/B testing, fine-tuning the strategy for maximum conversion.

My Plumber Google Ads
PPC Ad Copy Testing

Digital PR: Making Headlines, Building Authority

I recognised that the company’s female leadership in a male-dominated industry was more than just a point of interest; it was a valuable marketing asset. I strategically reached out to high-impact publications and secured features in outlets like The Independent, Chiswick Herald, and others. These weren’t just backlinks; they were endorsements that solidified My Plumber as an industry authority.

My Plumber - The Independent
The Independent Article
My Plumber - My London Article
My London Article
Hounslow Business Awards
Hounslow Business Awards
My Plumber - Chiswick Herald Article
Chiswick Hearld Article
My Plumber - Chiswick W4 Artiicle
Chiswick W4 Article

Client Feedback

Working with Matt has been a transformative experience for our company. From the outset, it was clear that he was fully committed to understanding our unique challenges. He brought invaluable expertise to the table, especially when it came to boosting our online presence. The results speak for themselves; we’ve seen remarkable growth that we can directly attribute to Matt’s strategies. What sets him apart is his dedication; he wasn’t just a consultant to us, he became a core part of our team. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt for anyone looking to elevate their business.


Angie – Owner
My Plumber

The Results: Beyond Expectations

  • Scaled the business from a 3-person team to a multi-million-pound company
  • Established a dominant presence in search engine rankings
  • Attracted the attention of industry giants, leading to a lucrative acquisition by Fantastic Services
  • Achieved lasting SEO success, maintaining high SERP rankings even five years post-acquisition with minimal maintenance.

Dominating Google’s First Page

My SEO strategy didn’t just aim for the top; it consistently secured My Plumber a spot in Google’s top 1-4 rankings for high-traffic, competitive keywords. This was no small feat, given the fierce competition in their industry.

Notably, this wasn’t a one-off or localized success. The online dominance was achieved and maintained across all key markets relevant to the client, ensuring a sustained, broad-spectrum impact on their digital visibility.

My Plumber - Google Top Spot
Top Position in Google Search Results
My Plumber Keyword Rankings
My Plumber Keyword Rankings

Measurable Success: Visible Impact That Counts

When it comes to digital transformations, many metrics are abstract and require analysis to appreciate fully. However, in our collaboration with My Plumber, two straightforward metrics emerged as undeniable markers of success: a rise in call volumes and an increasingly busy schedule for their engineers.

Uptick in Scheduled Jobs

Each additional call the company received wasn’t just a number; it was a tangible sign of enhanced customer interest and activity. Moreover, the growth in scheduled jobs for the engineers served as a real-time barometer of business expansion, one that every member of the client’s team could easily understand and celebrate.

Fleetmatics Job Calandar
Increase in Bookings

Sustainable Growth

But the real clincher? The uptick in scheduled jobs was so substantial, My Plumber had to hire more engineers to meet the demand. This wasn’t just growth; it was growth that led to job creation, directly impacting the company’s bottom line and yearly revenue in a way everyone could understand and appreciate.

My Plumber Staff
My Plumber Staff

Acquisition by Fantastic Services

The hard work and digital strategies paid off in a big way when My Plumber was acquired by Fantastic Services, one of London’s leading home service providers. This acquisition was a testament to the strong online presence and industry authority we had built. Five years on, the website still maintains its high search rankings, proving the long-lasting impact of the strategies implemented.

Fantastic Services buys My Plumber
Fantastic Services buys My Plumber

Conclusion: A Legacy of Digital Excellence

My work with My Plumber wasn’t just about achieving quick wins; it was about laying a rock-solid foundation for sustained, long-term success. The digital strategies I implemented have stood the test of time, proving that with the right approach and execution, the sky’s the limit.